Thursday, August 5, 2010

Menoquil Best Way To Stop Hot Flashes and Menopause Mood Swings

Menopause not only prompts uncomfortable physical symptoms, but can also affect a woman´s emotion by afflicting her with menopause mood swings. Menopause is a time of significant hormonal changes which typically occur in women between the ages of 45 and 55. These can affect emotional stability as much as the body´s equilibrium. Fortunately, there are ways to manage menopause mood swings as well as hot flashes during this transitional time.

Women who have experienced post partum depression are more likely to experience menopause mood swings. Mood swings refer to the extreme or abrupt fluctuations in mood. During menopause mood swings, people tend to experience drastic shifts in their emotional state. It is an emotional reaction that is inappropriate to its cause.

During menopause, women commonly experience mood swings as well as hot flashes because their hormones, which regulate mood as well as emotions, are thrown off balance. This is a common and normal symptom of menopause, which can be a very troubling phenomenon.

Each woman has her own way of managing her emotions, stress, as well as her environment. Thus, all women experience the symptoms of menopause mood swings differently. But many symptoms of mood swings tend to be common for women going through menopause. These common symptoms of menopause mood swings include frequent mood changes, unexplainable emotions besides depression and sadness. The other symptoms are lack of motivation, extreme moods, as well as irritability, aggression and less patience with increase in stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

Being aware of all these symptoms helps a woman to develop a better perspective on menopause mood swings. Now you need to learn about the underlying causes of these mood swings and hot flashes in order to become better equipped to deal with them. These menopause symptoms are caused by the various hormonal changes taking place in a woman’s body during menopause.

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