Monday, August 2, 2010

Menoquil Is Natural Relief For Menopause And Night Sweats

Menoquil Natural Menopausal ReliefHot flashes as well as night sweats are so common during menopause in women. In your body’s natural state, there is hormonal balance. But in case of too many demands on the body, its ability to balance these hormones is overwhelmed. This resulting hormonal imbalance gives rise to menopause night sweats. The demands that create hormonal imbalance tend to peak in perimenopause, which causes menopause night sweats.

Certain factors increase your likelihood of experiencing menopause night sweats. These include high levels of anxiety, being overweight as well as smoking. Certain foods such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol as well as hot spices also trigger menopause night sweats in some women. You can get natural menopausal relief by listening to your body and responding.

The hormone replacement therapy provides menopausal relief from menopause night sweats. But now your first choice should be to support your body in a totally natural way. This is able to get at the underlying problem as well as produce the best long-term results. The natural menopausal relief is recommended as there are no risks of prescription drugs which are commonly used in hormone replacement therapy. In fact, with the proper support, many women have found that their own bodies can correct the hormonal imbalance that is the real cause of menopause night sweats.

The natural menopausal relief includes herbal remedies for women with hot flashes. These include plants that help to cool the system, like chickweed, elder as well as violet. They also include plants that nourish as well as increase oxygen utilization in the liver. These include dong quai, dandelion, Ho Shou Wu as well as yellow dock. The other useful herbs for treatment of menopause night sweats include dong quai, licorice root, as well as chasteberry and black cohosh. Hot flashes tend to deplete vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium as well as potassium.

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